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Erase "Lost" From Your Vocabulary, Get GPS

There are two main benefits of installing a GPS tracking system in your car. One, you can always find yourself just in case you go and get lost. Two, you can find your car in case your car gets lost or is stolen. Today, more and more car manufacturers are including this system as standard equipment in the cars they sell. It's the new-age device that helps you, like some omnipresent being, know where you or your vehicle are every minute of the day and night. There might be times when this might seem like a "big brother watching" feeling but more often than not, it provides a sort of security that someone is watching over your car.

If the GPS tracking system comes with your car, well and good, but if it does not, where do you get it? There are a number of retail outlets that stock them or you could find them on the Internet. You will find you have quite a choice of the latest devices. Many electronic shops not only sell you the devices but also install them for you. You'll also find them in car specialty stores or shops that stock car accessories. On the Internet of course, no matter where in the world you are, you will find that you can order the tracking system of your choice and it will be mailed to you.

The extra cost involved in paying for a GPS tracking system might well be worth it if you consider your insurance payments. Many insurance companies have substantially reduced insurance premiums for car owners who either buy a new vehicle with a tracking device already installed or those who fit one after they have bought a vehicle. From a long-term point of view, you might just save a lot as far as your insurance payments go. Add to this the fact that the possibility of your car being stolen and not recovered is pretty slim and you'll see it makes a lot of money sense to go the GPS tracking device route.

Very often, in a new car, the cost of the tracking device is not an extra and comes pre-installed as part of the car and its many features on offer. Even if you do not get it as part of the standard equipment, you would do well to consider paying for one and fit it in after you have got your vehicle. Not only do you have the security of knowing that it is a deterrent to vehicle theft, you also know that if your car did get stolen, chances are that you will find it with the help of the police tracking the emitting signal from your stolen car.

Besides that, if you have a teenager in the family and you want to know he is safe and where he is, a tracking device ensures a certain degree of peace of mind. It's a great device to have in your car if you are lost, too. You can pinpoint exactly where you are and, even better, you can map your way to wherever it is you want to go from the spot you are in. In fact, you can chart out a whole course for your travel by road to any part of the country.


Garmin ETrex 30 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator

In relation to hiking you are going to find that many men and women like getting as deep in the woods as they're able to because this is fun to them. Of course you should be aware that when you are 20 miles in the woods away from everything else there's always the possibility that you might get lost. Until recently people did not have a way of finding out where they were or which direction to take if they wound up becoming lost in the woods. The Garmin eTrex 30 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator is actually a product that is going to allow you to figure out where you are and prevent you from ever getting lost in the woods.

Something which makes this product considerably more unique than other Garmin devices would be the fact that you will have worldwide and maps of the terrain you are on and not just roads. The screen itself that comes with this product is in reality a good size screen coming in a 2.2 inches and it's a full color display. You are going to also know that you are headed in the appropriate direction mainly because this product shows you which way you're facing at all times. Yet another thing I should mention relating to this is that it's available in bright orange, which is something that makes it easy to find if you end up losing it.

Another thing you're going to find concerning this product is that it's not only good for men and women out in the woods but also for individuals who could be on the ocean. Actually this is actually a very popular unit for many fishermen not only to ensure they don't get lost but also as a method to know how to get back to where the fish are.

One more thing I ought to mention about this product is that you can in fact even use it in your vehicle just like the traditional Garmin can be used. Due to the fact that you are able to do so much with this product, much more than the older units, this makes this option a perfect choice for anyone looking to buy a Garmin. If you want to read more reviews on this product you are going to see that Amazon has quite a few reviews from men and women who have actually bought this device and most of them have given it a thumbs up.

For those of you that are wondering exactly how much this product is selling for you're going to discover that Amazon is offering it right now for $249.99. You will find that the suggested retail price for this item is $299.99 which means at Amazon is offering this for $50.00 off. Many people have realized that this item is just what they're trying to find and you may find the exact same thing if you wind up getting it yourself.


Travel Safe, Travel Legally With Marine Navigation Charts and CFR Codes

When it comes to marine expeditions, you should always be prepared. After all, you never know what the sea might throw at you. So by being fully equipped, you will be ready to take on any hurdle that it can throw at you. The essentials that will help you through to completing your tasks, and ensure a safe journey include compass, ruler, protractor, binoculars and chronometers, among others. Talking of safety, the most important equipment you need to possess in order to navigate through safely is by knowing the path you should and shouldn’t be taking. And for that you need marine navigation charts.

Marine navigation charts are navigational tools that show the configuration of the shoreline and seafloor. And unlike road maps that show the drivers where they can go, marine navigation charts alert you to where you cannot go. They accurately provide information on water depth, location of obstructions and navigational aids in order to help you plan your voyage and chart your navigational course. In general, there are two formats that marine navigational charts come in: physical charts and electronic charts. Physical charts are printed on paper, while the electronic charts are displayed on an Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS).

It is also important to adhere to all the policies of marine travelling, when it comes to going out in open water for a voyage. To ensure that you are travelling legally, and are also doing so in a safe manner, there are certain codes that you strictly need to follow. These codes are called CFR codes. CFR codes are the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations that sets out all the policies, procedures and rules, which have been decided by the administrative bodies in America. These rules and regulations are known as the administrative law. There are 50 titles under the administrative law that one is expected to follow, and these are updated regularly. Covering a wide range of topics like Federal Elections, Food and Drug, Transportation, National Defense, etc, you strictly need to comply with the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations if your voyage requires you to sail under the U.S. flag and/or operating on U.S. waters.

When it comes to marine travel, it is always better to be prepared and ensure that you are travelling legally. And to make sure that that happens, you need to get marine navigation charts and be equipped with CFR codes at the same time. So head online and get titles like CFR 29 1910, CFR 33, CFR 46, CFR 47 and CFR 49, as well as nautical charts for you next voyage.


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